Jack Wilshere supports NCF

Jack Wilshere supports NCF

Jack Wilshere praises NCF Elites programme providing top quality coaching for kids overlooked by club academies

Jack Wilshere is supporting our NCF Elites academy for providing specialist coaching to kids of all ages.

Former Arsenal coach Paul Johnson, a member of Arsene Wenger’s backroom team for 22 years, and NCF director Nick Cook have organised and are running sessions at the College of North East London in Enfield.

It is designed to help talented youngsters get the best coaching which could help them reach the Gothia Youth World Cup — the biggest youth tournament on the planet.

West Ham’s former Arsenal midfielder Wilshere took time to view the expertly-run technical sessions before talking to the kids to encourage them for the future.

Wilshere said: “All I wanted to do was play football and there were opportunities like this but there seems like there wasn’t a facility like this or coaching — the organisation. It was more, ‘Get a ball and go down the park.

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