NCF Elites Programme

NCF Elites Programme


NCF Elites offers players an all-encompassing programme

The programme includes:
  • High Profile Tournaments
  • Training Days
  • Physio and Fitness Screening
  • Strength and Conditioning Advice
  • Training/Match Analysis
  • Psychology Workshops

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NCF Elites

Matches and tournaments

NCF Elites train together weekly and have the opportunity to play in selected high profile tournaments and competitions as well as taking part in a number of matches against other high-calibre Development Squads and Academy Teams. With a realistic schedule of fixtures, we hope to ensure that the required level of commitment is achievable for our players and their families. Players remain in a position to continue to play with their existing football teams. In fact, regular club football is a prerequisite for being considered for any of our NCF Elites squads.

Training days

Central to the NCF Elites experience are our regular training days that are held during school holidays. These provide the opportunity for greater contact time with players allowing more in-depth work focusing on developing specific areas.
Officially recognised by UEFA and FIFA, Futsal is a fast-paced and small-sided game of football that is played all over the world. The nature of the game places a large emphasis on technical skill and ability in situations of high-pressure. Subsequently, it is an excellent breeding ground for football competencies that can be translated into the eleven-a-side format of the game. NCF Elites players will have the opportunity to play in futsal matches and competitions every season with chances to progress to the Nationals.
Physiotherapy and fitness screening
Twice yearly NCF Elites players will go through a fitness and physiotherapy screening. This is a 3-hour assessment that test the players in all area’s of fitness and strength conditioning as well as hydration and body fat composition. The players will also be tested to see if there are any issue’s with joints and muscle condition. In addition, players will be assessed by our physiotherapist over the season to monitor their growth and development. This means that players are given expert advice on dealing with those aches and pains that are always a feature of competitive sport!
Strength and conditioning
All NCF Elites players work with our Level 3 Fitness 
& Conditioning Coach who designs an individual fitness and nutrition programme tailored just for them. This enables players to understand the elements that go into developing their fitness levels. This also helps them to appreciate the importance of nutrition and hydration in football.
Video training sessions and match analysis
At regular intervals, NCF Elites’ training sessions and matches are recorded on video. Players will then undergo a training and match analysis session, and this provides a valuable opportunity for feedback and self-analysis, not to mention the thrill of watching themselves in action.
Positive mentoring
The core of NCF Elites’ ethos is the nurturing of a positive environment where players learn from and are supported by their peers. Boys being boys enjoy healthy competition. However, it is crucial to a player’s development to train in an atmosphere where they feel comfortable and confident to take risks and try new things without fear of recriminations from coaches or teammates when they make mistakes.
NCF Elites Extreme
An annual challenge providing players with an opportunity to test themselves. Requiring the same level of dedication, commitment and courage that comes naturally to the NCF Elites on the football pitch – but taking them completely out of their comfort zone! An ongoing opportunity for self-development and a chance to reinforce team bonds as well as a great opportunity to raise funds towards that all important football tour!


My boy has been with NCF for over 5 years and has loved every minute. NCF coaches are great role models to the players. Theo’s footballing skills have improved massively thanks to the standard of coaching at NCF and the commitment from everyone involved. I can’t recommend this ‘football family’ enough. NCF are a great place to learn the game, keep fit and be happy. Maria Efstathiou
Maria Efstathiou,  Parent, 

Are you looking for a trial?

As with any selective sporting opportunity entry into NCF Elites is by trial and places are strictly limited. However, we work hard to ensure that the trial process is enjoyable and relaxed and hope to ensure that every player who trains with us gains from the experience whether he is accepted into the squad or not. Unsuccessful players will receive advice and feedback on improving their game, getting the most from their football and alternative opportunities that may be more appropriate to their current level.

We currently are recruiting teams for age groups between 10 and 16. If you are interested please fill in the contact form below.